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Choosing the Right Driving Instructor for Driving Lessons in Leeds

So you’ve decided to learn to drive? Congratulations. Whether you’re 17 or 57 you now need to find the perfect driving instructor for you. There are probably dozens of different driving lessons in the town you live in, or maybe hundreds if you live in a big city like Leeds. So how do you choose the best one for you? You want to go with a driving instructor in Leeds that makes you feel comfortable and safe. Driving lessons are very daunting and especially in a big city like Leeds, you need to have a driving instructor which will be patient with you and makes you feel safe in a busy city environment.

Being Qualified

Choosing a driving lessons by expert driving instructor who is fully qualified is very important. Make sure they are a DVSA approved driving instructor – this means they have passed all the checks made by the DVSA including points they have on their own licence and also passing a CRB check. What car do they use? Every car is different to drive, so picking a driving instructor with a good modern car is the best way to go. Most driving instructors use smaller hatchback cars and this is because they are easier to maneuver and have good visibility out of all the windows. Some driving schools may have multiple cars to choose from, giving you some choice.


What equipment do they have? Dual controls in a driving school car in Leeds today is essential. This means the driving instructor has another set of foot controls as you do, so they can stop the car in an emergency. More modern driving lessons in driving schools in Leeds like us at MBDrive even use Dash Cams, this is a way to record your view out of the car during a driving lesson. This means we can then play back your recording and go over points in the lesson again, such as maybe pointing out hazards that may have been missed.

Local Experience

Picking a driving instructor who has had a lot of driving experience in the location you are is also another recommendation, so for example in Leeds, look for a driving instructor who has lived and worked in Leeds for a long time. This gives them the best possible chance to make you feel comfortable on busy roads as they know them very well too. They will also know when certain roads and quieter than others, where likely hazards are and they can even teach you road shortcuts you may otherwise not know about.

Ask Around

If you have found a driving instructor in Leeds that you think is good, ask around to see if anyone else has used them before or even check their social media pages for reviews. This will give you a good idea on their performance. We at MBDrive pride ourselves on fantastic modern driving lessons in Leeds and surrounding areas.


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