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driving lessons leeds

 Is Intensive Driving Course For You? – Driving Lessons Leeds – When someone wants to learn to drive like most things nowadays some people want their full licence straight away and there are many genuine reasons why this might be the case. For example you may need your full driving licence because for a new job or it could be

driving lessons leeds

Advantages of Intensive Driving Lessons –  As a beginner in taking driving lessons Leeds  if you take hour tuition per week it can take possibly up to fourteen months to get to test standard depending on your ability of learning a skill. Taking an intensive driving course can get you to test standard in as little as a week … 

driving lessons leeds

Are Intensive Crash Courses Worth It? –At some time in our lifetime nearly all of us will need to learn to drive either for social and pleasure purposes or having to learn to drive for work, so the age we can learn if we don’t have any disabilities is 17. You will need to pick up a form or apply online for a provisional licence.

Passing your driving test

As we all know taking a driving test is not a straight forward formality.  The overall pass rate in the country from 2014 to 2015 was 49.1 %.

One of the first questions an instructor is usually asked, is how many driving lessons do we need to pass a driving test? According to the driving standards agency their recommendation is around 40 hours with an instructor and if possible include more hours with family and friends.

There are many factors that can decide on how many driving lessons you actually need, to get to the driving test standard. For example your age, any previous experience or even riding a bike or moped, overall concluding if you have any road experience this can help you.  Hand eye coordination, determination are also factors on learning. Choosing a reputable driving instructor is recommended, as overall structured and planned lessons are very important and when you get to a reasonable standard your instructor should start to give you mock driving assessments, these will help you prepare for your driving test and will bring out your strengths and weaknesses and will provide an idea of what training is required. It would also be recommended to plan your  driving test in advance as there can be long waiting lists from 6 to 8 weeks for driving tests (in Leeds) depending on  where your lessons are based.

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Using latest technology to help you learn.

MB Drive is the only driving school in Leed to utilise the MiniHD Camera as a training aid. The camera can be linked to a laptop to record and identify any driver faults and can be used to analyse and aid in remedial action/training. Often during a driving lesson it can be easy to overlook an approaching hazard. The HD camera provides a great way to look back at these hazards, providing insight and experience that would otherwise be impossible.

What you can expect

When you book driving lessons or intensive driving lessons with MB Drive, you not only benefit from our experience as a driving instructor, you also benefit from our in depth knowledge of each and every driving test route used by the  

Our Clients Say it Best
  • Bash has been a good friend of the family for ages. My son passed first time and as I am very grateful I would recommend MB Drive to anyone...–NAVEED ULLAH, HAREHILLS, LEEDS 14052011

  • I’m so glad that I chose MB Drive, my instructor covered everything that I needed to pass the test, and the lessons were always fun and interesting. Thanks to his expertise I passed the practical test on my first attempt. Thank you. –Richard Ames, Bradford 02062011

  • I want to sincerely thank MB Drive for helping me pass on my 2nd attempt. I could never master the reverse with my previous instructor and was dreading it on the test. After a couple of lessons I managed to get it correct every time, and my instructor said a lot was down to control. I got it in the first five minutes of the test and flew through it and the examiner wondered Why I was smiling all way through the rest of the test. Thanks again MB Drive. – –KRISTA PRITCHARD, ARMLEY LEEDS 23082011