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Automatic Lessons Available In Burley

We teach safe, modern techniques for automatic car drivers


Semi & Intensive Lessons In Burley

If you want to pass your test quickly, you can take a crash course with us


Refresher & Motorway In Burley

Ideal if you want to brush up on your driving skills or learn how to drive on the motorway


Experienced Professionals

We boast over 22 years’ of experience in helping people learn to drive



MB Drive is a top-quality driving academy providing quality driving lessons for clients across Burley in Leeds. We have an in depth knowledge of all the latest test routes around Horsforth test centre that you could go on when it comes to the day of your driving test and we can provide an assessment at the start of the process to work out how many driving lessons we think you will need in order to pass your driving test.

Our driving trainers in Burley can pick you up from any nearby area from home and we have a very good pass rate, even if you are feeling nervous about getting behind the wheel. You can pay for your driving lessons at the end of each driving lesson if this will help you out, while we may also offer student discounts at the start of the year.

You will find our driving instructors in Burley friendly and professional and our lessons, which may include Pass Plus and refresher courses, and motorway lessons are available at a reasonable price. We will record your driving lessons in Burley so that we can look back at them and assess the good and bad points of how you have been driving. These are available for you to look at on your own or with your driving trainer

intensive courses in Burley can help you do this if you want to learn quicker or you can take your time with individual lessons. We have an good pass rate so you can rest assured that we will teach you invaluable knowledge on the road.


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