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Cheap Driving Lessons In Leeds Are Not Always The Best

“You get what you pay for”

The quote above is very true for many things in life, from clothes to electronics. The same quote can also be said for driving lessons. Unfortunately cheap driving lessons are not always the best. This is usually down to the fact that the driving instructors are earning a lower profit margin per lesson, so they will want to rush their lessons so they can fit more in a day. This can lead to students feeling as they don’t matter and they can never quite ‘connect’ with their driving instructors.

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Good Driving Schools Rely On Reputation – Not Price

The best driving schools in Leeds don’t need to be the cheapest to get students, they get students by having a great reputation and offering quality driving lessons. Yes they may charge slightly more money for the lessons, but you are paying for that experience and reputation. You are also getting a driving instructor who actually cares about you and your feelings. They will do whatever they feel best to progress your driving skills and to prepare you for your driving test. A cheap driving school in Leeds may also not want you to progress your skills quickly, they may want you to keep taking driving lessons because it means more money for them, due to their low profit margin. So yes the lessons may be cheaper initially, but if it takes you longer to pass then you are paying more money in total.

Fewer Facilities

Cheaper driving schools in Leeds may also have less facilities available to their students. For example they may not have safe modern learner cars with dual controls, or maybe they don’t use dash cams. This is why they are cheap driving lessons. There are also downsides to going with the most expensive driving schools in Leeds. You think “wow their expensive, it must mean they are very good” – well no, it doesn’t always work like that. They may have high costs because they have chosen to use expensive exotic learner cars and they now need to charge a lot of money to keep them running. Well unless you want to drive the latest exotic car (which is not necessarily the best thing for learning to drive) then paying for the expensive driving lessons is pointless.

Go For The Middle

Like other things in life, the best rule of thumb is to go somewhere in the middle. Don’t go for the cheapest, but don’t go for the most expensive either. Go for something in the middle. Here at MBDrive, we are not the cheapest driving school in Leeds, but we do offer quality driving lessons that are tailored to you and we actually do care about teaching you the driving skills you need to successfully pass your driving test.


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