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Scared About Taking Your Driving Test In Leeds?

The thought of taking a driving test in Leeds can be very scary and can leave us with some worrying thoughts:

“What if I don’t pass first time? Will that make me a failure?

“All my friends passed first time”

The truth of the matter is that you shouldn’t be scared of taking your driving test. It’s perfectly natural to be nervous about taking a test, especially one as important as a driving test. However if you are having the above thoughts, they need to be addressed by some positive thinking.

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“What If I Don’t Pass First Time? Will That Make Me A Failure?”

Of course not! Not everybody passes first time. According to some statistics by the DVSA, This tells us that it is more common for people to pass second time around. If you do pass first time around, congratulations! However if you don’t, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. We learn from our mistakes. Focus on what you can learn from the experience and use that to improve your driving skills. Some people argue that people who pass their driving test 2nd time around are better drivers. There’s no proof to this of course, but bear it in mind!

“All My Friends Passed First Time”

So what? Good for them. It doesn’t mean if you don’t they are better than you. You shouldn’t let peer pressure affect your confidence when it comes to driving. Everybody learns at different paces and sometimes driving tests throw some ‘curveballs’ at us to make them more interesting. It might be because your friends got lucky and didn’t experience any of these ‘curveballs’ on their driving tests. However it’s these ‘curveballs’ that teach us to be better drivers. It’s called driving in the real world.

Positive Thinking

To best prepare yourself for your driving test, you should be thinking positively. Remind yourself how well you have done on your driving lessons and that you are a good driver. Also remind yourself that your driving instructor would only put you forward for the test if they felt you are ready – so this in itself should be taken positively.

Don’t Rush

If you really do not feel ready for your driving test, discuss this with your driving instructor. Maybe you need to have a few more lessons before taking the test? Passing your driving test is not a race and shouldn’t be rushed. If you feel like your driving instructor is rushing you, then find a new one.


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