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Refresher Driving Lessons In Leeds

What are refresher driving lessons?

These are driving lessons that have been tailored to people who already know how to drive. There are various reasons why people may want refresher driving lessons:
> People may still not be confident in driving despite having passed their test
> They have had a long gap from driving and need to re-familiarise themselves
> Students may need extra help with certain aspects of driving such as night time or motorway driving

Some people despite passing their practical driving test are still not confident to be driving independently yet, so they may want a few extra sessions to boost their confidence before going out alone. Refresher driving lessons in Leeds can help by giving drivers extra driving lessons tailored to them.

Gap in Driving

Refresher driving lessons also help people who have a driving licence but have not driven a car for a long time. This might be because they stopped driving to use public transport for several years and then went back to a car, or maybe they passed their driving test when they were young but never bought a car – now years later they have bought a car but feel they need a reminder on the mechanics of a car and the highway code.

Specific Driving Training

There are various specific types of driving that some people may not be fully confident with even after passing their driving test. Night time driving for example, or motorway driving are types of driving that not everybody does all the time and therefore some people may not gain the confidence in. Motorway driving is something that a lot of people dread and even avoid, but being confident with driving on motorways is a much safer option. Avoiding them will only make it worse when that time happens when you need to and have no choice, such as giving a friend a lift that requires you to drive on the motorway, or maybe following a diversion sign.

Motorway driving offers its own set of hazards:

> Being aware of drivers each side of you

> Looking out for drivers changing lanes

> Looking out for motorway exits

> Keeping aware of variable speed limits on new Smart Motorways

> Wild animals jumping out into the road

> Dazzling lights from oncoming vehicles

> Possibly different types of drivers – tired drivers, youngsters showing off, etc

> Identifying your own tiredness and understanding the importance of taking regular breaks

MBDrive offers refresher driving lessons in Leeds that can tailor driving lessons so they cover the elements of driving that the driver wants more confidence help.


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