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Dash Cam Driving Lessons Leeds

Learning to drive is a complicated process and is heavily focused on hazards. Learning how to pre-empt them, learning how to identify them and then learning how to handle them. On paper with diagrams this is relatively easy, but in the real world where everything moves at a million miles an hour this can be very hard. This is where the dash cam comes in.

Modern Driving Lessons

MBDrive is one of only a few driving schools in Leeds to use Dash Cam technology. We offer dash cam Driving Lessons in Leeds and we use the dash cam recordings for a variety of reasons. All driving lessons use a dash cam and lessons are recorded onto a SD card so they can be played back afterwards if desired. Playing back this footage can help us identify what went well in a lesson and maybe what didn’t go so well. This is useful because in the case of the latter – we can see what could have been done better. Being able to show you as a learner driver what you did wrong during a lesson is a great learning tool, especially as our minds race so fast we probably wouldn’t remember the small details afterwards. You will be able to see visually what happened and what you should have done differently.

Better Hazard Perception

Hazards also can be created in a blink of an eye and sometimes might easily be missed; but if we can slow down time afterwards to look back at them we can better learn what created it in the first place. This has the advantage of teaching you what to look out for and be aware of in the future. Since all the footage is recorded onto a SD card, you can take it home for further analysis if you so desire. This means you can go home and re-run through your driving lesson to remind yourself what went well and what you can do next time to improve.

Cheaper Insurance for Successful Students

Getting used to driving with a dash cam is also good practice for when you have passed your driving test and have your own car. Lots of car insurers recommend driving with a dash cam as it can greatly help in the event of an incident as it can prove who the liability is with. If you’re in the right, but the other party is claiming you are in the wrong, this can save you big time. Some car insurers are even offering a discount to drivers who have dash cams in their cars. This is great news for new drivers who have to often pay big insurance premiums, this discount will definitely help out. Dash cam driving lessons in Leeds are definitely the way forward for driving schools and we are proud to be offering this service for all of our students.


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