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Common Mistakes To Fail Your Driving Test.

Unfortunately sometimes people fail their practical driving test in Leeds. When this happens rather than getting upset about it and feeling like giving up, we need to analyse what happened, why we failed and what we can do to improve and prevent it from happening next time. From doing this analysis we will become better drivers. There are two types of mistakes during a driving test. These are often classified as ‘minor’ and ‘major’. You’re allowed to have 15 minors and still pass, where as 3 of the same minor or a major will be an instant fail. It is upto the discretion of the Leeds driving examiner whether a mistake should be classed a minor or a major, but we aren’t talking about this today. Today we will simply discuss what could contribute to failing your driving test. Some of these will be majors, whereas others may be minors, but obviously if you do them multiple times can become a fail.

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What Are The Common Reasons To Fail?

Not Checking Your Mirrors

Not checking your mirrors when maneuvering, starting off or at junctions can lead to either a minor or a major, depending on the circumstance. Try and make it a habit to check them, and also try and make it obvious. Sometimes you may have checked your mirrors but your examiner unfortunately couldn’t tell. Try and make head movements so they can easily see you are checking your mirrors.

Touching The Kerb

Touching the kerb during a parking maneuver will result in a minor, and if you do it hard or your mount the pavement it will be a major. To avoid the major, simply take your time and if you’re unsure, just re-adjust. This might give you a minor, but it’s definitely better than taking the risk and possibly getting a major.

Stalling The Car

We all do it sometimes, even experienced drivers. Unless you’re in a dangerous situation, stalling the car won’t be a major. Simply remain calm, apply the handbrake and start again. By causing yourself stress and trying to rush, you will be more likely the stall the car again and again.

Not Using The Handbrake

Although you’re not expected to use the handbrake at all times, you will be expected to use it at times where the car may roll back and obviously when you are parking. Due to this and not always knowing when the car may roll back, it’s good practice to use the handbrake whenever the car stops for longer than a few moments, for example at red lights.

Driving Too Slowly

Seems silly doesn’t it when you first think about it? But you will be expected to drive to speed limit at all times except in times where there may be a hazard or it’s unsafe to do so. Make sure you’re aware at all times what the speed limit is in the area and drive to that. There you have it, the most common causes for failing your driving test. This isn’t an exhausted list, but just the most common


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