Can You Learn To Drive With An Intensive Driving Course?

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Most teenagers when they hit the ripe old age of 17 pretty much want to learn to drive as soon as possible and hope to pass their practical test as quickly and hold that pretty full pink licence, maybe it’s just part of adult hood and another trophy in the cupboard for most but as we know learning to drive is a skill that can take a long time to learn depending on each ones individual mindset and learning ability.

A typical driving course of lessons are normally taken between 1-2 hours per week and its is normally good practice to learn the theory aspect of the driving test as you go along but it has been known on many occasions where people have passed their theory before taking lessons which does not always benefit the learning process,

It has been quoted by the dsa [driving standards agency ] that they recommend that it can take around 40hours of tuition from an instructor and with practice alongside with friends or family this is around how many lessons it would take for you to get test standard so taking 1-2 hours a week can   be time consuming. Some people find it more comfortable to take lessons per week so that they have time to put into practice the knowledge learnt during the previous lessons and might feel less pressurised. But we are all individuals, and all our abilities differ in what we learn and how we learn so many people take in driving knowledge in small steps and it is important that we learn the basis of any skill correctly as we learn to walk first before we run. This may not always be possible because if you have time issues and need a full licence as soon as possible for a job or because travelling on public transport is too tiresome, expensive or time consuming then if you can afford it and can take time out then an intensive driving course could suit you.

Intensive driving courses in Leeds also known as crash driving courses in Leeds have in recent times become more popular with people wanting to pass their test as quick as possible. there are many on the market and some involve residential courses where you stay in a hotel and take lessons in cities where instructors can find you quick test slots, but be aware that you are not car sharing with a another person and normally finding a cancellation via the, website can be done so it’s not necessary usually to go away from your city.

Intensive driving course can be tailored around your availibity and you and your trainer can decide on how many lessons you will probably need as you go along and usually 4 hours a day split into two 2 hour lessons with a break in-between is good, this can be done over a 2 week period. During this time once you have learnt the syllabus mock test are a good way of working out your strengths and weakness. Look around for a respectable driving school as most instructors can usually offer these, beware of any offer with a guarantee pass as no one can do that and keep recapping the Highway code even if you have passed the theory.

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