Are Intensive Driving Courses For You?

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When someone wants to learn to drive like most things nowadays some people want their full licence straight away and there are many genuine reasons why this might be the case. For example you may need your full driving because for a new job or it could be

More convenient to drive to school, university or work rather than taking public transport so you could take an intensive driving course also sometimes known as a crash course.

What are intensive driving courses?

As we are all individuals the number of hours we will need may differ slightly on how many we require getting to the standard to pass the driving test. The dsa {driving standards agency} recommend at least 40 hours with plenty of additional practice where available with friends and family. If you have had previous road experience like riding a bike or moped you will take a shorter time than someone who has had no road experience at all. Your trainer will be able to advise you on this after assessing any capability you have.

So intensive driving courses are taking as many lessons in a short period which could be over a few days or few weeks, you can realistically obtain a full license within a week as long as you have previously passed your theory test and had lots of lessons per week possibly cramming in 30 to 40 which can be intense and some people will not be able to cope with the pace of learning or be ready for a test at the end.

You will decide with your trainer as to how many amount of lessons are adequate for you but generally spreading lessons over a few weeks are best if you can do it as not to rush it and this will help you digest all information on any skills learnt, so 4 weeks is still better than a lesson a week over the year.

What Intensive Driving Courses are not?

Do not believe any advert as a guaranteed pass as there is no such thing, to pass the driving test you are assessed by the dsa{ driving standards agency}there are lots of factors in which can happen for failing the test theses range from under preparing to nerves on the day so make sure that you take ample mock driving tests so you are aware at what standard you need to be, a good trainer will advise you on this and if needs be take extra lessons as you only get one shot of passing your test first time and if you do fail then you need to take in considerations that an average waiting time for a test in your area could be up to six weeks. When choosing a driving school make sure that you do your research ask friends and family and don’t necessary go for the cheapest. It is also important that were possible take a few lesson prior to booking a full intensive course to see how you and your trainer get on before being tied into a contract.

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