Are Cheap Driving Lessons In Leeds Worth Taking On?

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At some time in our lifetime nearly all of us will need to learn to drive either for social and pleasure purposes or having to learn to drive for work, so the age we can learn if we don’t have any disabilities is apply for a provisional licence you can either pick up the application forms from any main post office or apply online through

So now we have a provisional driving license the question that needs to be asked is which driving school will we choose that will get me through the driving test? How do I know if I will get on with the instructor, are they the right person for me and how quick can I have a full licence these are all relevant questions so let’s look at the options.

There are many instructors out there self employed some work on their own and some work in a franchise with a driving school. It’s important that when looking for a reputable instructor you do research as driving lessons are not cheap, make sure that any instructor that you choose is fully qualified and holds a green badge and not a trainee pink badge, this badge will be displayed in the windscreen.

1-A good driving instructor will have a good reputation and will be recommended .ask around family members and friends and look for real reviews on their website if they have one.

2-Good driving instructors will charge a reasonable price and will not be the cheapest and should have a pretty full diary if they are good at their profession so if needs be if you have to wait to get booked on, then a few weeks wait won’t make a difference in something that you will be learning a skill for life.

3-Where possible do not book a block of lessons because if you are not happy with the instructor or car you are tied into a contract.

4-Do not choose an instructor that car shares, this is where during your lesson you pick up your instructors next pupil and they sit in the back and then their lesson starts after you have been dropped off, this is very poor practice and saves time and money for the instructor but cuts into your lesson .

5-The big branded driving schools might be marketed well but what you must know this doesn’t necessary mean that you will get the best tuition as the reason behind the price being high is that the instructors are paying a franchise fee.

6-Your lesson needs to be structured correctly so hopefully at the end of each lesson you should have learnt something new.

7-Your instructor should be professional, i.e. punctual and be able to diverse in the training to deal with any situation.

8-Try to enjoy your lesson you will learn quicker and ask as many questions as you can.

These are a few points hope they have been relevant to you and remember no instructor can tell you exactly how many Driving lesson in Leeds you will need but can advise you as you go along and realistic aims and goals on going for the test have to be agreed by the both of you, having mock assessments once you have learnt the driving syllabus will give you an insight into when to book for your driving test.

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