What Are The Advantages Of Intensive Driving Courses?

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As a beginner in learning to drive it is reckoned that if you take hour tuition per week it can take possibly up to fourteen months to get to test standard depending on your ability of learning a skill.

Taking an intensive driving course you could get up to test standard in as little as a week and pass the practical test of just having a week’s driving practice. Passing your driving test which is set by the DSA {Driving Standards Association} is the first step on getting you on the road, becoming a good safe driver will come with on road experience. Intensive courses are tailored to save time and money and these courses are becoming much more popular.

These courses usually run at the start of the day throughout till evening with a break in-between for usually a one to one basis and in a suitable car provided by the driving school. these courses are tailored around the pupil depending on their previous experience from fully intensive courses for complete novices or shorter courses for partly trained or for those who need a small course if they have recently failed their test, a short intensive course can be also suitable as a refresher course for those who have passed their test but due to other commitments a long time period has occurred and have not driven since passing their test ,this has become more since insurances have been rising over the past few years and especially seventeen year cannot afford the cover.

Getting the driving skill and convenience is what most people will choose the intensive lessons for as this is mainly what attracts them to it. some people will find it difficult to arrange standard weekly lessons into their lifestyle and may find their learning process slow .intensive driving lessons can offer a peace of mind by arranging a suitable course in advance and as long as the theory aspect of driving has been passed can also have the driving test booked so they can have a realistic goal to work towards. If you do book in advance then there should be no distractions and you can then be fully focused, another advantage with intensive driving courses is that when you are undertaking less regular lessons you may be tempted to practice with friends and family, normally the more practice you get is the better but confusion can arise when learning from anyone who does not hold a full ADI license and friends and family may be great drivers but maybe not great teachers and this could lead to conflicting advice.

The benefit of intensive lessons in Leeds is that if you do have any faults they can be corrected straight away as you are learning intensely and you will not have time to be taken away to be distracted also if you are comfortable using your instructors vehicle you may not feel comfortable in a different model car. There are also cost implications if you want to learn with family as insuring your own vehicle can be high depending on the make and model of car and the area where you live and also will the family member or friend be available for you when you are available? Intensive driving lessons can be cost effective and in the long run could save your money. So if you require passing quickly for work or a change of lifestyle intensive driving courses can quickly get you there.

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