Pedestrian Crossings

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Pedestrian Crossing

Highway Code rules 18 to 30

There are mainly three types of pedestrian crossing

Zebra Crossing:-

When approaching a Zebra Crossing look well in advance for pedestrians that may be walking close to it as a clue that they will cross from there and use you MSM routine to be aware that if you do need to slow down and stop for pedestrians that you do so in a controlled manner by easing off your speed and being aware of the vehicle behind you.

Also note if you have stopped for a pedestrian wait until they have fully crossed the road until you move away. Be aware of the flashing beacons at night for advance warning of this crossing and watch out especially for children and venerable road users on approach, always be prepared to stop and under no circumstance beckon pedestrians to cross.

zebra crossing




Pelican Crossings

Theses crossings are controlled by pedestrians who push a button to activate a traffic signal.

As a driver be aware on pedestrians waiting and note that the light may change.

At pelican crossings when the amber light flashes wait for the pedestrians to cross before moving off.


Puffin Crossings

These crossing are similar to Pelican crossing but don’t have a flashing amber light phase.

Toucan Crossings

These are also controlled by pedestrians and the difference with these is an area for pedestrians and cyclist to cross at the same time and cyclist can ride across.

puffin crossing


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