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If you are looking to take driving lessons in Leeds then you need to know the changes that are taking place. There are going to be changes to the driving theory test from 7th April 2007. Before we look at the changes lets take a brief look at what the theory driving test consists of at the moment.

The theory test consists of 2 parts:-

A multiple choice section and a hazard perception section. The pass mark for the theory section is 43 out of 50. There will be a case study which will be in the form of 5 questions out of the 50.

The hazard perception part requires you to view 14 driving clips as if you were driving a vehicle. You have to click a mouse button as soon as you see a developing hazard, the earlier you see the hazard the more points you will get per hazard, and the highest points are 5 per hazard.

There are 14 clips and 1 clip has 2 hazards in it. The maximum score you can get is 75 for this part of the test and 44 is the pass mark for this part of the test; you have to pass both parts to pass the test.

Make sure that you revise and take plenty of mock tests before you take your test. To book the test you can book via and the current fee is £31.make sure that you arrive at least 15 minutes early to the test centre else you might not be allowed to take it if you are late.

The driving theory test centre in Leeds is opposite the art gallery headrow in leeds. Make sure that you take both parts of your driving license when going to the test.

Changes to the driving theory test

So what are the changes to the driving theory test and who are they going to effect?

At the moment if your first language is not English you can wear a set of headphones as a voiceover and listen to the multiple choice questions in 1 of 19 foreign languages as follows:-

• Albanian,Arabic,Bengali,Cantonese,Dari,English,Farsi,Gujarati,Hindi,Kashmiri.Kurdish
• Mirpuri,Polish.Portuguese,Punjabi.Pushto,Spanish,Tamil,Turkish,Urdu.Welsh.

From 7 th April 2014 these voiceovers will finish and the use of interpreters will finish. These changes were announced in a public consultation by the road and traffic minister.

The reason for the changes are as follows—

During a consultation the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) reviewed the level of foreign language support available to candidates and they had 3 areas of concern ,these were risk of fraud by dodgy interpreters ,a potential risk of road safety implications and the cost of providing translation.

There was a 70% response of removing the foreign language voiceovers and interpreters and according to the consultation the there was an understanding that if you could not understand the national language you would have problem reading signs,engaging with traffic officers and reading details of the rules of the as to improve drivers national language would help in improving in the national cohesion.

As a driver instructor based in Leeds teaching driving lessons for the last 15 years I can understand the reason as to stopping fraud with dodgy interpretators but my opinion is that there are many people I have taught to drive who have needed just to drive locally to school ,shopping trips and so so on and doing this would be so helpful to them in their social life with all its advantages that goes with independence and freedom you get when driving, so if due to the changes coming in this deters people of taking to the road can that not also stop people in social cohesion ?

Also do we have to learn to speak French if we were to drive abroad etc, How many of us actually have needed to engage with traffic officers, I am sure a smile goes a long way,and if you are driving to the Highway Code rules and regulations there would be no need to be engaged.

As for reading signs maybe a written warning sign on a motorway would be a problem to someone who would have difficulty in reading it but I have travelled many a mile on a motorway and these signs are scarce. I wonder who this 70% of people that responded to the survey consisted of?

Never less the changes are coming and if they help road safety then that’s a good thing.

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Driving Theory Test In Leeds


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