How To Find A Good Driving Instructor In Leeds

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How To Find A Driving Instructor in Leeds?

To begin, simply make a list of all the instructors in your area.

Recommendations are always useful. Check websites, for rates. Ask family members, for effective instructors. The best tend to come from friends and family, if they worked, surely they could help you out.

Perhaps you want an individual instructor. Advantages of these are that they tend to be cheaper. Plus they have more of an effect as it’s a personal service. Although implications include: the risk of booking times (if they are busy or good).

Maybe you want to go to a school – which employ driving instructors.

This is good as they have the back up of a large company. They usually are up to date and could have discounts. Although a consideration is that it is hard to find someone perfect for your working methods. You have to ensure that they have a legal licence. Check that they are registered with DSA, that they are qualified. The green badge will give this indication; a pink badge tells you they are a trainee. It’s always important to know how qualified someone is before sitting in a car with them.

Pass rates – These are tricky to figure out sometimes. 80% may sound better than 50% although take into consideration that people figure out percentages different. One may come up with this by rounding up whereas another could work it out with every pass rate.

What’s your Driving instructor Grade? This is judged by an agency that observes the instructor every 4 or more years. You are looking for one with grade 4 or more.

Grade 1 – 0%
Grade 2 – 0.09%
Grade 3 – 0.76%
Grade 4 – 51.32%
Grade 5 – 31.03%
Grade 6 – 5.99%

For your own sake its best to see what car your instructor has. If you are learning a car it makes sense to check you can fit in.

To finish its vital that you are comfortable with your instructor as you will be spending a lot of time with them Questions to consider to ask them is: are there any discounts? When do you need to book lessons? Do you have any other qualifications? How long will your lessons be?


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